Work is more than just business

In our modern times the lines between work and personal lives have become blurred, and we’ve all come to realize that each environment impacts the other. For us this means that it isn’t enough to make sure that work is productive and efficient, it also must be meaningful, fulfilling, and people centric.

We've been around the block

The Corvoca staff have grown up in the contact center industry. From tech support analyst at dial-up internet companies, to operation managers at large BPOs, all the way to sales leaders at technology vendors; we’ve done it all. Our years of experience have shown us that there is a gap in the contact center industry.

We believe there has been an overcorrection and too much attention focused on maximizing productivity and efficiency. This has led to burnout culture that has seen staggering attrition rates for so many contact centers. We think we can help.

Putting people first

Our values driven approach focuses on putting people back at the center of the organization. We make sure the employee experience, customer experience, and shareholder priorities are all aligned and appropriately balanced for your organization.

Support. Encourage. Lead.

We exist to help organizations achieve the ideal balance of customer experience, employee engagement, and business outcome. Simply put, we want to help you be around for the long haul, and we believe the best way to do that is to focus on doing right by your employees, your customers, and your shareholders.

We help contact centers align their profile and maximize their software investments to support customer engagement.

How can we help you?