Customer Experience

At Corvoca, we agree and believe we’ve got the right mix of tools and experience to help you.

Companies that are looking for long-term success are looking for the Customer Experience to get them there. Gone are the days of half-hearted attempts to stand up customer service centers. Companies now realize that to move to the front of the pack they need exceptional customer experience that creates brand loyalty.

Quality Management

Quality Management used to be about listening to a few calls to better understand your employees. QM has matured into recording every interaction and listening to every interaction to better understand the customer.

Thankfully you don’t have to have an army of QM analysts to make sure you know what your customers are saying. With the right platform you can identify trends and search for meaningful outliers that give actionable insights. Quality Management can make sure your customers are truly heard.

CX Analytics

We know that the Contact Center is a rich source of customer insights, but with so many data points it can be challenging to truly understand your customers. Corvoca has partnered with the best software vendors to provide analytics that deliver deep insight into your customers.

AI enabled CX analytics capture the journey and voice of the customer so that you can move from guessing to truly understanding your customers.

Contact center consulting — taken care of.

Sometimes we just don’t know the next best step. We know our customers are demanding more of us, but we can’t put our finger on exactly what they’re looking for. It’s at times like these that it’s helpful to have a trusted partner who can show you the way. Corvoca is a group of trusted contact center experts that have been offering their knowledge to organizations for decades. We would love to help you find the next best step in your exceptional customer service journey.

We help contact centers align their profile and maximize their software investments to support customer engagement.

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